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hi! im james and i make pony bases. you may call me blitz if youd rather.
ask me questions or talk to me, i dont bite!!
feel free to suggest future bases, i might just do it.

note me for my other accounts.



Journal History

hey guys, so as you may have noticed, im back! i just wanted to give you guys the down low on whats happening.

first of all, im gonna try to put out a few bases a week, and at the same time clean up some older ones. 

secondly, i might not be here forever. this is out of my control, and it breaks my heart to think ill be torn away from... basically every aspect of my online life. come new years, im going to come out to my parents about being transgender, and i dont know how its going to go over. just in case i suddenly disappear, you guys will know why. 

thirdly, im contemplating making a separate account for adoptables and customs and whatnot. i do both of those things on my main account (note me if you want the name of it) regularly. but since i dont make my main public, and my prices can be a bit expensive, i thought maybe itd be nice to have a whole other account just for you guys!! what do you think about that?

anyways, i hope you all are having a good day. any questions or suggestions, just let me know! 

theres another base that will be released today, just thought id let you guys know.

i love you <3

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