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this account is dead. thanks for all the cool memories!

:star: for answers to your questions, check past comments, since i will no longer be answering them personally
:star: no need to link back to your bases
:star: no more bases are going to be created, so dont ask for more, ive never taken requests!

hello everyone! long time no see.

first of all, i would like to thank all of you for being so kind and continuing to shower this account with love. it melts my heart to see so many people missing me, even 6 months after i left!

second of all, there are some very important topics i would like to cover.

:star::star::star:please read and pay close attention to the following::star::star::star:

    :star:1. if you know the name of my main account, please, im begging you, DO NOT share it with ANYONE! this is for my own personal safety, please please please respect that! if you see anyone else giving out my main account, let me know or tell them yourself not to. it is against my wishes, and is private information. do not disrespect that.
    :star:2. this account is the ONLY firepony-bases. if you see someone on other social media using that name (instagram, google+, tumblr, etc.) and posing as me, IT IS NOT ME.
    :star:3. my bases are always 100% free to use. my rules are there as simple guidelines, but credit isnt necissary. you are always welcome to repost my bases wherever, and for whatever you want to, as long as my watermark is intact (so long as you are not claiming to be me). THE ONLY EXCEPTION IS Base #60, WHERE CREDIT IS DUE AT ALL TIMES. if you see someone has used that base or reposted it and not followed my rules/credited me, please tell them so.
    :star:4. this account is still going to be dead. i do have plans for the future, but i dont know when this will happen or if it even will. its all just an idea right now.
    :star:5. i am not a girl! XD a lot of you guys still think i am. just letting you know: im a boy. haha!

i think that just about covers everything...! again, id like to thank all of you for your cooperation, support, and love. it means a lot, and i love you too!!
i promise someday i will return, i dont know when, but i promise you i will come back.
thats all for now. goodbye, and have a great day!

~firepony-bases :rose:

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f1reheart Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for taking the time to share your art/bases with us, best of luck to you~ c:
rnbwdash0613 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015  Student Digital Artist
We'll never forget u!!! Sad Fluttershy  Sad Pony  Rainbow sad  Pinkie (Sad) Plz 
Hidden by Owner
do you not know how to listen? i hate to be rude, but i literally just asked- no- BEGGED everyone to PLEASE, if theyre to do ANYTHING, DONT SHARE MY MAIN ACCOUNT..

this is for my personal safety. i cannot believe people are STILL disrespecting that. 
kknkbaker Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
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