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February 3, 2013
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1. Basic Info/Facts
2. Normal Pony Form
3. Powers/Abilities
4. Fire Pony Form
5. Lava Pony Form
6. Fire Kingdom
7. History
8. Credits

:star:Basic Info/Facts:star:

:bulletred:Almost all are hot-heads
:bulletred:Most come in fiery colors
:bulletred:Eye colors can be anything
:bulletred:Talents vary from everything in the book-- but the mark itself relates to fire.
:bulletred:Most are Earth Ponies
:bulletred:Blood is part lava
:bulletred:Most don't live in Equestria because it's "too cold", and many Fire Ponies are outcasts when they live there.
:bulletred:They lose their abilities and become weak for a period of time if they get hit with water. Not to mention getting a waterburn that looks similar to a burn you get from fire. Though, they can shower and such, only if it's hot water.
:bulletred:Foals have outbreaks of fiery death. c: Kind of like foal unicorns and their magic.
:bulletred:Earth ponies have the MOST POWERFUL FIRE! And are more likely to achieve the Lava Pony form later in life.

:star:Normal Pony Form:star:

:bulletred:They are their normal colors and usually stay in this form to blend in-- and it saves energy.
:bulletred:They are abnormally warm to the touch.
:bulletred:They become hotter when embarrassed or angry, and cooler when sad.
:bulletred:Their tears evaporate unless they're sad when crying.
:bulletred:Eyes will flash red when pissed off
:bulletred:Their tongues and saliva are always hot.
:bulletred:They can use their powers/burn things even when they are not in their true form.


:bulletred:They can make a wide variety of weapons with fire
:bulletred:They can manipulate fire, much like a firebender from avatar
:bulletred:They can breathe fire and smoke, and even eat it!
:bulletred:Swimming in and drinking lava is easy.
:bulletred:They cannot be burned (but can by water).
:bulletred:They can control their body heat, but sometimes this is difficult.
:bulletred:They can shoot fire balls, some as small as bullets.
:bulletred:A unicorn's magic is fire when they burn something with magic. (But just using plain magic... looks like well, plain unicorn magic. Can be any color)
:bulletred:When pegasi fly at top speed, they leave behind a trail of fire and smoke.
:bulletred:When unicorns teleport they leave behind a pile of ashes
:bulletred:Can easily burn someone or something with their hoof alone. It doesn't even have to be on fire-- just very hot.

:star:Fire Pony Form:star:

:bulletred:Their coat color is lighter colored.
:bulletred:Eyes are ALWAYS blood red.
:bulletred:Manes keep a small portion of their original shape, but for the most part is all fire shaped. It moves like fire, and can burn a normal pony if it touches them. It's ALWAYS red/yellow, but those colors can be modified to better suit the original mane color.
:bulletred:They burn to the touch and cannot cool themselves off quickly.
:bulletred:They use this form when they're pissed at someone and wanting revenge, or for self-defense.
:bulletred:Their voice changes to a lower tone.
:bulletred:They can be seriously hurt if they are drenched with water when in this form.
:bulletred:Cooling off is a hard task if they came to this form through anger.
:bulletred:They can do all the things listed in the Powers/Abilities section.

:star:Lava Pony Form:star:

:bulletred:Eyes are ALWAYS red
:bulletred:Mane is styled the same as their normal pony form, but it's rounded and made of lava that drips everywhere and bubbles. It is also ALWAYS bright red/red-orange
:bulletred:Coat is ALWAYS black and feels rocky, and is warm.
:bulletred:Each pony has cracks of lava on their hind and front legs that are special and unique to each pony.
:bulletred:Teeth are sharp
:bulletred:Voice is lower
:bulletred:They can do the same things as shown in the Powers/Abilities section-- except with lava instead of fire.
:bulletred:Blood is completely lava
:bulletred:If a pony uses this form for too long, they can become corrupted and forever be stuck in this form.
:bulletred:Only ponies who are sane have access to this power-- and even some that ARE sane enough don't have it. Some ponies are just born with it, and don't find this out until adulthood.
:bulletred:Ponies who abuse this power and are unable to handle the great deal of effort it takes to stay sane with it, can kill themselves, or become corrupted.

:star:The Fire Kingdom:star:

:bulletred:The Royal Fire Equine family consists of; Queen Furia, King Inferno and Princess Kenna (meaning born of fire)
:bulletred:Towns/regions that have been noted to as of yet; Ashes Forest(the most lush part of the Fire Kingdom, far from any volcanoes, but yet is home to the rare Lava Lilly, and Fire Berries. Not to mention Phoenixes, and plenty of butterflies with firey wing designs.), Magma City (the capital), Furia (small town named after the queen)
:bulletred:Their rivals are the Water Ponies, but have temporarily made peace all because of the princess
:bulletred:The kingdom is a small island located very near the Dragon Empire
:bulletred:Allies; the Dragon Empire, and Equestria-- for now, that is...
:bulletred:Holidays so far; Festival of the Dragon. A week long celebration honoring the Dragons-- who have helped the Fire Ponies though many hard times, especially though the wars against the Water Ponies. The overseer is usually Princess Kenna, and she does an outstanding job of making sure each yearly celebration is better than the last. 
:bulletred:Their flag is ash-colored with a butterfly that has fiery wings (may be changed at a later date)
:bulletred:Princess Kenna is a rebel and is rarely ever found in the palace. She refuses to take the throne someday, and has said there is a "...chosen one who will take my place-- or rather father and mother's. He will rule with peace and joy over this kingdom, and finally make harmony with the other kingdoms and countries."
:bulletred:The island is small-- and so is the amount of Fire Ponies. Yet it seems large and very full from the inside of it.
:bulletred:It is heavily guarded to be sure no water ponies can enter-- but they wouldn't be able to anyways. Any normal pony would die of heat in there.
:bulletred:There are walls of volcanic rock surrounding the kingdom, and the palace is actually inside one of the largest volcanoes there. (name to be decided)


:bulletred:From before Discord turned evil to when Luna was banished, the Fire Ponies and Water Ponies were at war. There were smaller events between the two up until just before Luna's return-- that's when they finally made temporary peace.
:bulletred:Until they showed they were capable of being "civilized", Fire Ponies were banned from entering Equestria-- in fear that they would bring havoc and chaos to the peaceful land.
:bulletred:Fire Ponies are now allowed to live in Equestria, but they are frowned upon by the normal ponies.
*more will be added when I think of it*

MLP FiM is copyright to Hasbro. Some of the art is original and belongs to FireBananaBlitz. Fire Ponies belong to FireBananaBlitz/FirePony-Bases. Please do not copy, steal, or redistribute this in any way shape or form. Do not claim as your own.

Fire Ponies are currently a closed species until further notice. Please do not make one yet. :3

:bulletred: Fixed grammar and spelling errors. 2/3/13
:bulletred: Added an important holiday to the Fire Kingdom section! 2/3/13
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